The United Kingdom (UK) is made up of 4 countries; Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, and Wales. With an overall population of around 64 million the UK, although a part of the European continent, is a travel destination in itself.

You would have to live in the UK for a year or so just to see all the sights. There is so much history, ruins and a rich heritage that its not fair!

Much of the western world can trace its family heritage back to small British settlements and every year many people come back to visit such places. They are often amazed to find locals with the same surname in the area as well as gravestones of long lost family members.
Just as with Europe, there is no ‘best time’ to visit the UK as all year round things are happening. Being in the Northern hemisphere winter months are from November through to February, and summer from June through to September.

London Heathrow is the most popular airport but most cities have their own international airports such as Birmingham, Glasgow, and Belfast.

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