Productive Ways to Spend Time In Transit

6 Productive Ways To Spend Time In Transit

If you’ve travelled a lot then you’ll understand how tedious time in transit can be. After years of planes, trains, boats and buses I have learnt how to maximise my productivity in place of wasting time on social media. Here are 6 tips that can help you while you wait it out:

1 Learn A Language

Especially in cases where you’re travelling to a foreign country it pays to learn the language. Simple phrases such as “hello” and “what time is it?” can make all the difference.

Most countries respect it when visitors take the time to learn a few words in their language.

There are many apps you can download that can help you with this. Stick in your headphones and you’re on your way to speaking fluent _______ (fill the gap). Lonely Planet phrase books another option. They’re my personal favourite as they leave room for scribbling notes and more importantly they don’t require battery power.


2 Make A List

If you’re an administration nut then you’ll love this one. Often when I travel I use my ipad/phone to make a list of all the things I need to do when I land.

Exchange money, buy sim card, get map, buy local travel adapter, organise tour, call friends, get lunch, email home, buy bottled water, find souvenir for family member, hire scooter etc.

This way I don’t forget things and I can prioritise the more important ones. Too many night’s I’ve lay awake in my hotel bed trying to remember what I forgot. Now you can use time in transit as your think time.


3 Read A Book

Grab your kindle or paperback and delve into the world of books. I always have a list of to-read books that seem to pile up, but if you’re not much of a reader its still fun to browse through a magazine rack or bookshop and read something totally out of the norm.

Each time I go to the airport I stand around bookshops and gawk at the latest hit. Russell Brand’s Revolution, An Idiot Abroad Memoires, Mrs Browns Boys Recipe Book; There is always something out of the ordinary to read and you’ll be surprised at what you can learn while spending some time in transit.


4 Journal

Most stationary shops sell travel journals. These are notebooks designed to help you track and record your daily adventures.

Often when I travel overseas I take a journal so that one day my kids and great grandchildren can read all about the world and their grandfathers experience in it. It’s also a great souvenir that outlasts fridge magnets and plastic flags.

While in transit I use my time to catch up on missed entries and recount experiences. You may never visit that part of the world again so write it down so you’ll remember it forever.


5 Make Memories

I am a creative type and always enjoy opportunities to release my creativity. Taking pictures is one way to do this.

Public transport and airports provide awesome opportunities to take abstract and artistic photos. You don’t have to be a photographer either, just use your phone. Many of today’s phones have amazing camera capabilities.

At home I have 3 printed photo albums of my travels around the world. Most of the photos in those pages were take with my iphone.

Even if you’re a novice and not sure what to take pictures of one thing is for sure, if you never take photo’s you’ll never use them!


6 Memorise Information

By now you can tell I’ve a streak of geek. This one tops it off.

While in airports I memorise my passport number, credit card details and any other important numbers that I may need in my travel. Address’s, phone numbers, times etc. This not only saves me time when I have to locate my documents to fill out forms, but it’s also a great safety precaution.

If you lose your credit card, passport or documents, knowing this number can help authorities fast track the recovery process. It’s also great if you get stuck somewhere and need to know your hotel address or phone a friend.

I have memorised all of my travel documents which shows you how much time in transit I’ve had!

Feel free to add to this list and share some ways you spend your time in transit.

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