Europe is a melting pot of culture and history. It is home to the world smallest nation, Vatican City State, and largest nation, Russia, which takes us a whopping 40% of Europe’s land mass.

Surprisingly Europe is constantly confused as being a country (even Obama made that mistake) but it is in fact a continent made up of around 50 countries.

Climatic conditions change dramatically and so there is no ‘good time’ to visit as all year round there is something to offer. Whatever you like from extreme sports to ancient history, you’ll find it all in Europe, including events like Finland’s cellphone throwing championship!

Travelling from country to country within Europe is often easy as no travel documents are required. Some nations, however, require a passport and visa so be sure to check this out before you set off.

Flights can be directed to almost any country, however among the favourites are London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

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