Electronics confiscated

Electronics Confiscated When Flying To USA, Canada and Europe

Electronics confiscated at international airports

If you are planning to travel to Europe or North America any time soon you should do so with fully charged electronic devices.

Recently many international airports have made it a policy that if you cannot turn your electronic devices on when requested they will be confiscated. The alternative is to stay behind and miss your flight.

With laptops, phones, tablets and e-books reaching values into the thousands, it’s causing a bit of a stir. Who wants to leave a $2000 laptop at an airport departure gate when your flight only cost $500?

At this point there are no plans in place for safe storage and recollection of your goods. Devices will be disposed of by airport security. Ten years ago we may have laughed as such security measures, but with terrorism seemingly growing one can’t be too safe.

This routine will not affect pre-boarding times. If you are worried that your device won’t turn on when requested you can safely stow it in your check in baggage, as only devices in hand luggage will be under scrutiny.

At the moment only those travelling to the USA, Canada and Europe are affected by this screening, but there’s no telling yet if it will catch on with other travel destinations.

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