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Packing List Essentials: Europe

Knowing what to add to your packing list can make or break your holiday. While we can buy what we need on location it’s often good to know what you may need ahead of time. Here are some handy pointers: Packing List: Clothes Formal Clothes Europe generally has a more formal culture than Australia and […]

Hand Luggage Tips

Whether it’s a big trip or a quick visit, what you pack in your hand luggage will make all the difference. 1 Avoid Having Your Hand Luggage Unnecessarily Weighed Most airlines allow 7kg but a few airlines will offer 10kgs hand luggage. When you walk through the departure gate airport staff are often waiting to weigh hand luggage. They […]

Electronics Confiscated When Flying To USA, Canada and Europe

Electronics confiscated at international airports If you are planning to travel to Europe or North America any time soon you should do so with fully charged electronic devices. Recently many international airports have made it a policy that if you cannot turn your electronic devices on when requested they will be confiscated. The alternative is […]

6 Productive Ways To Spend Time In Transit

If you’ve travelled a lot then you’ll understand how tedious time in transit can be. After years of planes, trains, boats and buses I have learnt how to maximise my productivity in place of wasting time on social media. Here are 6 tips that can help you while you wait it out: 1 Learn A […]

Summer Calendar

Summer Calendar The world is a big place with so much to see and do. The options are endless and with each season comes new opportunities. We at Harvey World Travel Whangarei have thrown together what we consider to be some great opportunities for the end of Summer 2015.   February In New Zealand the […]

Why Avoid Cheap Flights?

Why Avoid Cheap Flights? Have you ever wondered how cheap airlines, who have all the same costs as their competition, manage to wrangle their prices so low? In order to save a few hundred dollars I flew with a budget airline when travelling around Europe and Asia. Afterward I decided never to fly with cheap […]

10 Unusual Travel Tips You Need To Know

Whether you’re a travel expert or a rookie here are some odd travel tips that can help you on your journey.   Power splitter If your electronic devices run out of battery it can be frustrating, especially when all the airport charging stations are in use. If you have a power splitter you can simply […]

Easy Languages for English Speakers to Learn

Most people say they wish to speak a foreign language but fear that it will be too hard. What if it were easier than you think? I spent five years in school learning French against my will. I never thought I’d need to speak a foreign language and to my teachers despair I resisted every step […]